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Onno Zweers
Latest news: Templatesbrowser.com is online again! Beware!

The site in question are complete jerks, i have seen then plagerising articles, stealing peoples web content and now using dodgy links, i hope google catch them out.

broken iron... where the turn thingy for heat has come off?

Ik heb ook een shuffle (2nd gen) en het heeft inderdaad beperkingen, maar je hoeft niet per se met itunes et werken gelukkig... winamp doet het ook prima. Start winamp en open de media library. Tussen "Portables" komt dan je ipod. Itunes heeft mijn leven ook een hel gemaakt vandaar de alternatief.

thanks a bunch .. i was about to put this theme on a high traffic public blog.

This is excellent information! This crap code was in our blog and with your help we removed it! This is a pretty crap thing for Templatebrowser to do...

Their Joomla page was just taken offline (404). Perhaps it helped that I complained to his provider, and to Google (who placed the ad).


Stephanos in Atlanta
Xristos Anesti!!! Please adapt this to work with SeaMonkey! I don't need the greeklish support, just be able to click on a Greek or English word and have it translated. ...

Philip R J
nice to know....

Greece is being destroyed by 'respectable' fanatics


"The EU's terms do not begin to match the altruism the United States showed to the defeated Germans after 1945. America did not pauperise West Germans as many in France and indeed Washington wanted. America guaranteed their security, then gave them loans from the Marshall Plan that allowed the West German economic miracle to begin. Greece has invaded no one and committed no crimes against humanity. Yet the EU, which boasts that solidarity is its founding principle, is forcing it into destitution and chaos."

Onno - feb 19, 2012, 18:48 - Link/Post a comment


Smoke above the Aoos

Photos, Nature, Greece

Smoke of a nearby burning forest makes the sunlight look like a sunset above the gorge of the river Aoos, in the Vikos-Aoos national park.

Onno - july 24, 2007, 23:28 - 1 comment


Nissan in Papingo


Nice video of Papingo and the Vikos-Aoos national park.
Youtube video

By the way, my good friend Giorgos has three absolutely great villa's for rent, a great starting point for exploring the Tymfi mountain range. Drakolimni, Gamila, Astraka, the Vikos gorge, the natural pools of Papingo, rafting on the river Voidomatis, all within short range! Have you always enjoyed the photos I posted here, then take this opportunity and book one of his villas while they are available!

Onno - june 30, 2007, 10:13 - Link/Post a comment


Driving in Greece

Greece, Linkdump

Be extra careful when you pass slower vehicles and have to cross over to the opposite direction lane . There is no avoiding this maneuver on Greek roads especially if you are stuck behind a slow moving tractor trailer on a long uphill for the last 24 minutes. Maybe it's the pressure of 48 Greek drivers tailgating you cursing and waving frantically in your mirrors, maybe it's the need to get to where you are going sometime this century, or maybe it's your own latent Spartan warrior deep down inside who tends to awaken when you drive uphill behind a tractor trailer with 48 Greek drivers behind you, maybe all these reasons will compel you to forget all your ideas about defensive driving and pass the darn truck even if it is the last thing you would ever do.


Onno - june 6, 2007, 19:44 - Link/Post a comment


Walking on the Trail of Lord Byron (New York Times)

Greece, Linkdump

Elise Maclay writes almost poetically about the Pindos. She makes some minor mistakes (Ionnina and Drakalimmi instead of Ioannina and Drakolimni) but I'm most happy to forgive her. She wrote this in 1990, when I had never been in Greece yet.

FROM childhood, I have loved walking and reading, ideally in close conjunction. A loaf of bread, a jug of wine? For me, a book and a backpack are enough. Especially if I can walk in the footsteps of one of my favorite authors.

Last spring I did just that, roughly approximating the itinerary of the poet George Noel Gordon Byron on his initial foray from Prevesa on the Ionian coast to the interior of northwest Greece.


Onno - may 23, 2007, 21:29 - Link/Post a comment


Nissan in Papingo

Greece, Linkdump

Interesting news for Papingo lovers and probably also for car lovers: Nissan will present its new X-trail in Papingo. In june to be precise, according to my friend Giorgos who comes from Papingo.

Onno - may 15, 2007, 08:59 - 1 comment


Ioannina airport will become international


Maria has heard from several sources that Ioannina airport will become international. Hopefully it will be easier to travel to the heart of Epirus. Good news for lovers of Zagoria, Vikos gorge, Ioannina, and for hikers who want to explore the gorgeous Pindos mountains.

Onno - may 9, 2007, 20:21 - Link/Post a comment



Photos, Greece

Athens seen from Olympic Airlines, october 12.

Onno - nov 4, 2006, 23:06 - Link/Post a comment


Onnoot in the Pindos

Photos, Greece

Mijn sisters in law Eleni and Elli are looking out over the valley of the Aoos.

Elli looks out over the Aoos gorge.

A horse in Paleoselli.

Elli and her father walk through Paleoselli with a bag full of beans.

Elli calls her husband Yannis with the mountain range Timfi in the background.

A church in Konitsa.

Onno - oct 20, 2006, 22:42 - Link/Post a comment


PHP, mail and UTF-8

ICT, Greece

Got to remember this one: very useful for sending Greek email from a PHP script.

Onno - oct 10, 2006, 22:47 - Link/Post a comment


The castle of Parga

Photos, Greece

These photos are from may 2005.

A shoothole in the castle wall.

In the castle is a cafenio with a terrace and a view to the island.

Better not lean against it.

My sister Claire climbs between the ruins.

An underground corridor.

Is that Valtos beach there in the deep?

Yes, the beach chairs are ready.

And that's where we've been.

Onno - oct 8, 2006, 21:30 - Link/Post a comment


Along the Voidhomatis

Photos, Greece, Nature

Vikos-Aoos national park, may 15, 2005. The Voidhomatis (Voidomatis) is the river that springs from the 1000 meter deep Vikos gorge. Along the river is a footpath, that starts from the old bridge near Klidhoniá. In two to three hours you can walk to the new bridge that leads to Papingo, that's the bridge where the rafters start.

Lidy hides behind a "siamese" plane.

Claire at the bridge over the Voidhomatis, not far from Klidhoniá.

Near the bridge lies a wounded bat.

I went walking with Tasos, Katerina and Elli. The first part of the path is easy.

Planes in clear icy water. The "Vikos" brand mineral water comes from this river, perhaps the purest water of Europe.

The path is getting smaller. The trees are getting bigger.

The holes in the trees get bigger too.

Flora and fauna (I didn't take pictures of the snakes though).

Is this a pretty sight? Elli and Tasos in the fairytale forest.

Air plane.

The small deserted monastry of Ayi Anaryiri, half way the path, a hundred meter to the left.

Tasos shoots Elli.

Panorama of the monastery.

Ladder and poppy.

Every now and then a rubberboat with rafters came down the river. This team came ashore to look at the small monastery.

After this point, Elli, Tasos and Katarina went back to the starting point to have a picknick. I continued.

In the distance: the exit of the Vikos gorge.

Out of the hill side came water, a spring.

Panayia Spilotissa, another small monastry on the other bank of the river. I've already shown you the bridge in Rafting on the Voidhomatis.

Panayia Spilotissa.

Panayia Spilotissa, the bell tower.

People are having a picknick on the river bank.

Elli, Tasos en Katarina had saved a fish for me.

Onno - oct 6, 2006, 23:27 - Link/Post a comment


Papadizi looking for 'American woman'

Greece, Humor, Linkdump

Papadizi from the Greek province Makedonia is a goat herd with unmistakenable charm and one big wish: to marry an American woman. In more than a dozen episodes he reports about his quest, speaking directly to Monica Lewinsky, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton and Mister Google - "find me American woman!". He is still a virgin, because goats don't count, and yet he can easily find every womans G-spot, he says.

Onno - sep 13, 2006, 21:56 - 1 comment


Orange disease

Greece, taal

Onnoot is proud to announce a new word.

Portokalitis = orange disease.

Based on the Greek πορτοκαλί = portokali = orange (color).

Onno - june 24, 2006, 09:10 - Link/Post a comment


Greek Translator extension for Firefox

ICT, taal, Greece

I've already told you about InTranslate. InTranslate has grown up and is now called Greek Translator, because it does not only use In.gr but also Babelfish. Greek Translator has been released officially at the addons website of Mozilla, and in a short time it has been downloaded 800 times.

Onno - june 20, 2006, 00:18 - 1 comment


New version of InTranslate

Greece, Taal, ICT

[This page is outdated. Please visit http://www.onnoot.com/wiki/intranslate.]

InTranslate, a Greek dictionary lookup tool for browser Firefox, didn't work from Greek to English. Now it does. Onnoot fixed it.

InTranslate is created by mpeimpiii. The problem was that Greek text was offered to the In.gr dictionary in UTF-8 encoding. But In.gr doesn't want UTF-8, it wants Windows-1253 encoded Greek text. So I built in a small convertor, that converts Greek letters directly from UTF-8 to Windows-1253 URI-encoded.

Beware, I tested this only on my own computer. Use it at your own risk. There is no garantee. Please share your experience here, so that I can further improve the extension. Please mention your Firefox version and language, the version of the InTranslate extension, and the page on which you tested it.

InTranslate 0.2a

Update april 12, 00:29:
Version 0.3 published. Bugfix: the two sigmas were mixed up.
InTranslate 0.3

[Update april 12, 23:30]
After clicking this link, Firefox will tell you it didn't install the software to protect your computer. Click "Edit options", then "Allow" and then "Close", and then try again.

Is it safe? Yes. If you don't trust it, save the file on your disk, open it with WinZip or 7-zip, and have a look at the sources.

[Update may 2]
Newer versions are available. See http://www.onnoot.com/wiki/intranslate.

Onno - apr 10, 2006, 23:46 - Link/Post a comment


Firefox extension for Greece fans

Greece, Taal

There are many extensions available for the browser Firefox, and some of them are interesting for people who are involved in the Greek language.

InTranslate is a Gr-En-Gr translator. After installing this extension in Firefox, you can select a Greek word on a web page and lookup the English translation with the right mouse button. The other way round works too. Unfortunately it doesn't work with more than one word at once. The extension uses the translator on in.gr, the Greek equivalent of Yahoo. This translator is supposed to work better than that of Altavista.

Greek textbox is a extension that gives Firefox an extra bar, in which you can type Greeklish (Greeklish is Greek text typed in Latin, western alphabet). The extension immediately translates it into Greek characters. This can be useful for people who can't or don't want to change their keyboard settings. Disadvantage is that it only works in Firefox, while adding a Greek keyboard layout to you Windows keyboard settings will work for almost any application.

Extensions with "Greek" in their description

Onno - mar 31, 2006, 22:38 - 7 comments


Solar eclipse

Greece, Linkdump

My brother in law Thomas photographed the solar eclipse from Konitsa (Greece).

Onno - mar 29, 2006, 18:56 - Link/Post a comment



Photos, Greece

Griekenland, Paleoselli, may 2, 2005. The roof of the stable of the neighbours of my parents-in-law.

A truck is parked along the road from Konitsa to Paleoselli. Background: mount Timfi with highest top Gamila (1/3 from right), part of the Vikos-Aoos national park.

Onno - mar 20, 2006, 22:45 - Link/Post a comment


Trout and beans

Photos, Greece

"Onno, give me some money," my father in law Dimitri said.
Gosh, that's a new development, I thought. My parents in law asking for money. Whenever I try to pay for something, usually they beat me to it. I gave him ten euro, completely insufficient to even the balance.
"I knew there should be a trout farm somewhere here. Now I found it! Come and have a look," he said, and from the saw mill he went upstream. Claire, Lidy, Tjerk and I followed him. There we saw the trout farm. River water plunged from tubes into containers of several meters across in which trout were swimming. We were invited in through the gate. While Dimitri bought fish from the owners, I made this panorama of 5 photos. The trout tasted great that night.

Greece, Armata, trout farm, may 2, 2005.

Greece, Paleoselli, may 2, 2005. This field of the neighbours of Dimitri is ready for growing beans.

Onno - mar 1, 2006, 22:37 - Link/Post a comment


Armata watermill

Photos, Greece

Armata, Epirus, Greece, may 2, 2005.
Claire is looking at a watermill. The mill stands along the mountain road that leads from Konitsa to Elefthero, Paleoselli and further eastwards to Armata. Small villages, where life has hardly been affected by modern times. In Paleoselli there have been a few watermills too.

In the middel you can clearly see the wheel that is turned by the water that comes out of the right tube. The left tube leads to a container that is used for washing sheepwool carpets and blankets/cloths (a typical product of the region).

My father in law Dimitrios offers my mother a helping hand when climbing the mill. In front you can see the saw blade.

Onno - feb 6, 2006, 23:41 - Link/Post a comment


ELAS monument

Photos, Greece

Greece, May 2, 2005. On the road from Konitsa to Elefthero and Paleoselli, there is this monument, comemorating the deaths of a few ELAS fighters during the German occupation.

Unfortunately, the ELAS wne ton fighting after the second world war in an attempt to make Greece communistic, which resulted in a civil war, that was worse than the German occupation. Read about it in the book Eleni by Nicholas Gage (Gatzoyannis), highly recommended.

Onno - jan 29, 2006, 16:17 - 2 comments


Sunset in Albania

Photos, Greece

Greece, Konitsa, april 30, 2005.

Onno - aug 4, 2005, 23:52 - Link/Post a comment



Photos, Greece

Greece, Zagoria, Vikos, april 30, 2005. Panorama with a view into the Vikos gorge. Onnoot is still trying to think of the best way to photograph this gorge.

Some years ago Onnoot walked below the red spot. The red spot is a scar where once a part of Tymfi collapsed. You can see the remains below. Quite voilent it must have been...
To give an idea of the scale: the difference in height on this photo is 800 meter; the red spot is 200 meter high; a human being would be 1 pixel high. From Vikos we saw three dots moving along a thin line: hikers. 75mm proved a too short focal length to capture them.

The Vikos gorge. The difference in height here is about 1000 meter. That is more than the twin towers on top of each other. It is more than six times the Amsterdam Rembrandt tower. The photo is 332 pixels high, so 1 pixel is about 3 meter. Down below is the river Voidhomatis.

When I turned around, I saw this man butchering an animal for easter.

This is the view from the other side of Vikos. In such a remote place communication is important, hence the collection of antennas.

Flock of sheep near Aristi.

Are you in the mood for more photos? Browse to the site of Tom Dempsey with wonderful photos. He also tries to answer the question whether the Vikos gorge is the deepest in the world.

Onno - july 31, 2005, 20:47 - Link/Post a comment



Photos, Greece

Greece, Zagoria, Mikró Pápingo, april 30, 2005. Two very old plane trees on the church square.

A panorama taken in the gallery of the church. On the left are burned out candles next to the door. On the right a view to the village of Vikos, at the end of the Vikos gorge. Many years ago hikers usually got permission to spend the night in this gallery, but now that the area is becoming more popular gradually, hikers are redirected to the local hotels.

The bell house with two curled hooks for ringing the bells. On the background is the church.

A house in Mikro Papingo, with horse shoes above the door for good luck. Small Greek villages don't have street names, only numbers. This house is now number 12 and remains of paint showed that the house had several other numbers in the past.

The office of the World Wildlife Fund is open to visitors. Inside: souvenirs, folders and many photos of flora and fauna.

A kafenio with a nice view to Piryi, the "towers" of Papingo.

The natural pools of Papingo can be found near the road between Mikro Papingo and Megalo Papingo. The location can be recognised by a small stream of water, a wall and a parking space. It can be a bit crowded but the walk upstream is absolutely worth the effort.
(And, gentlemen of travel agencies, don't use these photos without permission because you would be send a bill with the formidable rates of the Dutch photography federation increased by a minimum of 300% extra for unpermitted use. However, when asked beforehand I will charge very reasonable prices.)

Vertical panorama made of two photos. The local youth of Papingo used these pools to learn to swim.

Onnoot couldn't continue here without getting wet. This photo was taken around a corner by holding the camera forward while leaning over.

Next item: Vikos.

Onno - july 31, 2005, 10:20 - 3 comments


Rafting on the Voidhomatis

Photos, Greece

Greece, Zagoria, april 30, 2005.
The bridge that brings travellers to Papingo across the river Voidhomatis is a popular starting point for rafters. With a boat of Alpine Zone you can descend the river. Konitsa's photographer, Lambros Raptis, makes photos of participants that they can view and buy afterwards. Rafting is still high on Onnoots wish list. On this panorama of three photos, captains were busy instructing their crews.

And off they go.

Onno - july 29, 2005, 21:37 - 3 comments


Zagoria (2)

Photos, Greece

Greece, Zagoria, Voidhomatis valley, april 30, 2005.
We drove down from Aristi towards Papingo, descending to the river Voidhomatis flowing out of the Vikos gorge. Along the river is a forest of large plane trees.

Onno - july 29, 2005, 14:32 - Link/Post a comment


Zagoria (1)

Photos, Greece

Greece, Zagoria, april 30, 2005.
From the road near Aristi we look towards the village of Vikos, situated at the exit of the Vikos gorge, and behind that mount Tymfi. My father Tjerk is admiring two entangled trees. More of Zagoria the next few days.

Onno - july 28, 2005, 21:56 - Link/Post a comment


Ayios Ilias, dwarf mountain

Photos, Greece

Greece, Konitsa, Ayios Ilias, april 27, 2005.
Konitsa town lies humble at the feet of Tymfi and Trapezitsa, seen from Ayios Ilias.

A Greek tradition: they build a church on top of a mountain and dedicate it to Ayos Ilias (saint Elia). But I haven't seen such a large cross to accompany it.

The border with Albania crosses the mountain in the background.

Citroen at 1045m, centre rear Astraka (2436m), one of the tops of Tymfi.

Aoos river, here at 400m, seen from Ayios Ilias (1045m). The difference in height is 645m. That's twice the height of Vaalserberg, the highest Dutch hill. And Ayios Ilias is only a dwarf compared to Smolikas and Tymfi.

Onno - july 25, 2005, 23:26 - Link/Post a comment


The amphitheatre of Dodoni

Photos, Greece

Greece, Dodoni, april 26, 2005. After the Vrellis museum we drove to Dodoni, also south of Ioannina. There is a big archeological site with traces of the ancient oracle and an amphitheatre in good condition. This is a panorama of the theatre, with the snowy tops of Tómaros in the background. Notice the two people at the centre of the theatre.

Lidy and Tjerk enjoying the view to the amphitheatre.

Centuries old stones.

Onno - july 23, 2005, 13:32 - Link/Post a comment